Emotion Commotion

Get ready for lots of fun, giggles and learning! This family game is fun for all ages and helps teach emotional intelligence.

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Are you afraid of losing your kids because they aren’t able to manage their emotions?

You would do anything to help your child be happy. It’s just so hard to connect when your child doesn’t know how they feel, let alone how to tell you.

You can help your child!

Connect with your children as they gain confidence in expressing their emotions! Teaching your children Emotional Intelligence has never been so fun and easy!

Play your way to Emotional Intelligence!

What's all the Commotion?

Life is challenging! As a mom and teacher I've watched our children struggle with knowing what to do with their emotions. I've spent years and hard earned money learning how to manage my own emotions.

There is a better way- let's increase emotional intelligence through PLAY!

What are people saying?

"I liked the game so much it was the first thing I wanted to do when I woke up!" 

- Warren age 6 

“We were introduced to this game just before Christmas. My kids tried it and liked it, so we purchased it. Admittedly I figured they'd quit liking it after a few tries, but they still regularly ask to play it! The 6 and 8 year old play the most, but even the 16-yr-old joins them sometimes! It makes me so happy hearing them have a larger vocabulary of emotions every time we play! And getting better at expressing the emotions too! It's great because they just think it's fun and don't even realize they are learning! I think every family should have this game in their home!”  Hilary


"I love the educational benefit learning about emotions and being assertive expressing them."
"I can see myself playing this every week!" 

- Michelle

Emotion Commotion is an amazingly unique and fun game for any group setting that you want to grow closer to! I've played it with the creator, Melissa Price, my family and friends. Not only is it fun and challenging but also thought provoking and therapeutic! It's not just for wanting to have fun but to also understand our emotions better. Highly recommended for everyone!



Melissa Price I have to say this is an INCREDIBLE “Game” - we finally had the chance to get it out and both of my girls didn’t want to stop playing!! They had so many emotions we got to talk about and it cleared up so many behavioral things that I didn’t even know my girls were dealing with! Gosh THANK YOU!! Thank you for creating this amazing tool! I wish all schools could play this game in the classroom!!

What are these moms saying about Emotion Commotion?

Michelle- Mom of 4 boys

"It was fun seeing my kids act out the emotions in their own way and even more fun for them to be able to guess the emotion I was portraying. I was surprised that they weren't shy or hesitant to act it out. I think because it's a card game it made it
easier to act and feel the emotions."

Lisa- Mom of 4

"We just played emotion commotion as a family. This is truly a brilliant game! This needs to be in every school classroom, therapist office, theater class, youth treatment facility, teenage hangout spot, and home! Not kidding, it's brilliant! Even the littles could do it!
I love how it teaches you to practice expressing and recognizing your emotion and also helps you practice reading other people's emotion." 

Rebecca - Mom of 3

“This game is an amazing tool to connect our family together and recognize how we each individually interpret and handle our emotions. I learned so much about my kids after just 30 minutes of playing this game.”