Get to know Melissa

 Hi!  My name is Melissa Price!

I am passionate about empowering parents to teach their children emotional intelligence.  I love connecting parents to their children through play, as well as supporting parents in increasing their own emotional intelligence. 

I have 20+ years experience teaching youth creative problem solving, acting, art, goal setting, and more.  I am certified as a Quickening coach, a LifeStory and LifeStudio coach amongst many other methods of transformation.

I am the owner of Creative Family Connection and the creator of Emotion Commotion™. It is a dream come true to play with families, laugh until we cry, and teach adults and children alike about emotions.

I love to:

Learn!  Healing and connection are my jam.

Teach! Helping youth discover their unique gifts is a delight. 

Lunch! Great friends and delicious food are a simple pleasure I enjoy.

The greatest joys in my life are-

My brilliant son and amazing daughter.

I am an over the moon grandma of 2 darling boys.

Being called Mama Price by hundreds of 12-25 year olds. You know who you are.